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Claudine Bloom

Russell came highly recommended by our sons consultant, we were not disappointed! Our son sustained a major knee injury which needed operating on and he went to Russell before and after for rehabilitation. Our son is a typical 17 year old and we were dubious he would listen to or follow the expert advice, however we were more than thrilled with the rapport and respect he built with Russell. Russell was an inspiration to him and he did everything he was asked of and has recovered fully and is fitter than ever. I can only put this down to Russell’s patience and solid, no nonsense advice which resonated with our son.

We are delighted with the care and service that Russell provided and would highly recommend to anyone needing a physiotherapist to book with Russell

Vicki Lewis

Russell is by far the best physio I have been to. He has treated me for numerous issues but mainly back/hip problems. He provides a very professional service mixed with a friendly approach, taking time to listen to the problem, making you feel at ease and confident that he can help. He explores the issue thoroughly, provides targeted, holistic treatment along with in-depth knowledge and advice that has really helped and supported my recovery. As a Pilates instructor I really value his comprehensive expertise and confidently refer my clients to him. He is the only physio I continue to go back to.

Magdalena Bienkowska

I’ve known Russell for over 7 years. During this time he has helped me tremendously with multiple different injuries (repeatedly slipped disk in the neck and a broken humerus in my shoulder).

I first went to Russell after having received poor medical advice when in care of a shoulder specialist about not moving my broken shoulder following a surgery. This made me unable to lift my arm/brush my hair etc.

Thankfully I met Russell who reassessed the situation and designed my exercise plan and provided massage which allowed me to gradually start moving. In fact I became the strongest I’ve ever been – even able to do chin-ups!

Russell is very approachable and while being understanding and friendly he can also tell you how it is so you are motivated to make changes that will improve your life. His experience, technical knowledge, holistic view and practicality I found second to none and I only wish I was living closer to him so I can still use his services.

Somerset Pheasant

I cannont recommend Russell highly enough.

Russell is an outstanding physio. I have been lucky enough to be treated by him over the past 12 years for a variety of injuries, from ACL reconstruction to a herniated disc in my neck. Each time he has provided exceptional treatment and follow-up care, as well as liaising effectively with other health professionals and personal trainers, etc., to ensure effective all round on-going care.

He is also a great guy and a pleasure to be treated by.

Susan Cummins

Russell has been treating both my husband and myself for several years. We wouldn't go to anyone else. More recently he has seen me about my back, and has gone the extra mile to get to the bottom of the problem with complete success. He is always professionsal, kind and very understanding.

Mrs Bull

I fully recommend Russell. He has treated me for serious rib and back problems and my husband for a complex knee injury. His approach is one of absolute professionalism mixed with a relaxed, friendly manner, instantly putting you at ease. He is extremely thorough, an expert in his field, listens carefully, and has provided excellent treatment and care for both my husband and myself. We wouldn’t want to be treated by anyone else!

The Bella Mamas

Russell really helped me when I needed urgent treatment. I was in so much pain and he really got to the root of the problem - his skill lies not only in his physical treatment but with his understanding of your issues and his attention to detail . He Often picks up on subtle symptoms that other practitioners miss . I have so much faith in his ability that he is the only person I will bring my children to see when they have sustained injuries and needed treatment . He is very thorough, professional and I highly recommended his services





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