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Russell Stocker: Chatered Physiotherapist

Russell Stocker (Musculoskeletal & sports Physiotherapist) qualified as a physio after completing a BSc (hons) degree in Physiotherapy at Brunel University in 1997. This represented a lifelong ambition at the time, Russell wanted to be a physiotherapist from the age of 10 after fracturing his arm trampolining and needing physiotherapy as a result. He made a full recovery and went on to compete for Great Britain winning bronze for synchronised trampolining in 1986 and appearing on ‘You Bet’ years later. Russell was always interested in the workings of the human body through school and this enthusiasm continues to drive Russell’s practice.


After completing his degree Russell worked within the NHS at London teaching hospitals: Charing Cross, UCLH and St. Mary’s. Here Russell developed his skills and expertise in all disciplines of Physiotherapy working under specialist physiotherapists and consultants. Working with victims of the Paddington rail disaster Russell gained insight into the long term effects of trauma, the psychological impact of injury/poor health and the understanding that medical conditions had personal consequences for people. Russell specialised as a senior physiotherapist in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and orthopaedics prior to leaving the NHS.

Physiotherapy at Bupa Centre of Excellence & Goldman Sachs

Joining Bupa in 2003 Russell worked a split week at two high profile clinics.

In Bupa’s centre of excellence for musculoskeletal and sports injuries clinics were undertaken working alongside a multi-disciplinary team composed of Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Radiologists and podiatrists. Russell assessed and treated clients with problems throughout all areas of the body and often clients with complex problems. Russell particularly enjoyed working with runners using gait analysis software, assessing muscle function using Isokinetic testing equipment and working as part of a team to solve client’s issues. Furthermore Russell worked alongside experts in assessing and treating Achilles’ tendon problems. The approach at Bupa was to deliver exceptional quality of service to customers, to this end clinicians all worked in collaboration with each other discussing clients, reviewing scans, x-rays and reports to further enhance treatment plans and improve outcomes.

On-site at Goldman Sachs Russell worked as part of the on-site team alongside GPs, Practise Nurses, Psychologists, sports physicians and personal trainers to deliver physiotherapy to employees. Clients were referred on-site and treatment delivered from initial assessment to return to function, often in association with gym sessions, gym programmes and liaising with personal trainers. In this high pressure environment Russell delivered care that needed to be appropriate for clients with time pressures, who were often travelling and needed treatment that fitted in with their work/life balance. Russell provided hands-on treatment, developed exercise and rehabilitation programmes for clients. He worked alongside personal trainers to assist with return to sport and gym activities. Additionally Russell provided workstation assessments and lectures to the on-site employees regarding running and cycling.

Throughout his time at Bupa Russell was formally appraised annually and hypotheses were always developed under the scrutiny of colleagues and the high expectations of the clients. Russell was well known as a great physio throughout Goldman Sachs during his 18 years there.

Russell's Skills

Having worked alongside excellent colleagues and part of a multi-disciplinary team Russell is experienced as a first contact practitioner delivering high quality physiotherapy to clients with all manner of problems. He can assess musculoskeletal problems accurately and knows when certain symptoms or presentations require the attention of a colleague or further investigations. Russell can assess and treat problems of the musculoskeletal system from the neck to shoulders to the lower back and lower limb problems, from arthritis to sports injuries and post-operative recovery/rehabilitation such as joint replacements and ACL repair. Russell particularly enjoys working with nerve related problems such as sciatica, running injuries, cycling problems, bike set-up and tendon issues (achilles, tennis elbow).

Russell's Ethos

Above all Russell enjoys working with people and for people; to use his knowledge and skills to reason through help solve through problems and symptoms clients present with. Russell aims to help people improve with getting back to their normal activities by understanding the goals and or needs of the client. He understands the need to listen to patients, the day to day issues their problems generate and apply reasoned treatment be that advice, manual therapy, rehabilitation, exercise programmes and or referral to other professionals when indicated. Russell aims for all his clients to receive physio individualised to their own circumstances and needs. Above all Russell aims for his clients get a friendly, professional and quality service where medical problems are understood in real terms and with treated with good judgement.

Away From Physiotherapy

Russell finished trampolining when he found he was more interested in the benefits of a good social life! He has always remained active playing cricket and golf which suited being both active and social.

From 2010 to 2014 Russell focussed heavily on road cycling. Developing bike fitness and knowledge of how to climb hills properly Russell completed sportives such as The Dragon Ride, London to Paris and The Trois Etapes. At the Trois Etapes competitors rode in charity teams with Russell cycling alongside 2008 Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre. Descending the La Cole de la Crois de Fer at 70kph less than a metre from the rear wheel of a Tour de France winner was a highlight for Russell. Unfortunately an accident and broken collar bone two years later was enough to call time on cycling. At present Russell enjoys running and is building up for a half marathon at some point!

Family is hugely important to Russell who is married with three girls and an energetic dog, he is always busy at the weekends as ‘Dad’s Taxi’ and sideline supporting Netball, lacrosse and rugby. Work is a rest…





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